Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dude looks like a lady....

Ok so I just had a delightful lunch with some friends who were utterly glowing about the precocious and enlightening and brilliant nature of my blog. It has that affect on people...It's that good!

A question arose concerning my blog entitled, "Say What?" and the ever-so delicate nature of the information contained within. My friend...oh let's call her Linda....not to be confused with the hooker Sheila in a previous blog. Anyway, Linda kept referring to Thomas Beatie as a "he" and while he/she is certainly living as a man, I wanted to clear up a few technicalities.

First...."Thomas Beatie" has a hoo-hah not a wank-wank. He/She decided to start taking testosterone in order to grow facial hair, start spitting, and enjoy football. Now he/she had surgery to remove her breastular regions but opted to keep all her feminine wiles... i.e. her hoo-hah. However, an interesting side effect of the testosterone was that a particular portion of the hoo-hah region grew into a miniature wank-wank....according to Oprah the Great we're talkin' gherkin here people! Apparently the little wank-wank allows for normal "gettin' your grove on" moments...but I digress.

"Thomas' " wife is unable to bear children which left the burden of lineage up to the he/she of the household. Now here's the kicker...Thomas is still a woman in the netherland region so as far as offspring were concerned, they were workin' with a blank check...if ya know what I mean! He/she decided to forgo testosterone in order to carry to term a healthy baby and not some martian with three eyes and a lisp.

So as the story is told, he/she and the little mrs. went to a veterinary clinic of a friend to retrieve a turkey baster or a rooster inseminator ...whatever! They then went to the wack-wack bank to retrieve the vitamin fortified juice. They then went home where the little mrs. loaded up the rooster inseminator with the vitamin fortified juice which, in turn, is inserted and delivered in the hoo-hah. A little shimmy shake and BOOM he/she is due in June.

That is all...

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Alice the Brit said...

tears of laughter runneth down my face - it's the wording that did it ;)

still laughing

Alice the Brit,
Mum to 1 wank-wank and 3 Hoo-Hahs -
and I sure hope it remains that way :)